Monday, May 4, 2009

Savage Roots

So I didn't know that Michael Savage has a PhD from Berkeley in Nutritional Ethnomedicine. Or that he used to buddy around with The Beats. (Though it doesn't surprise me that he was born a Wiener... oh, I mean Weiner, as in Michael Weiner). ... 

I found out about the PhD while listening to him, uh, discuss how "illegal immigrants" were giving us the swine flu while they built our houses and took our children to school. He knows about this because of his degree, he says, so trust him.

Which made me wonder: Why bring out your credentials in one moment to make your audience trust you -- and then in the next breath deride the educated members of the government to make your audience trust you. This makes no sense. How do we tell the righteous experts from the elitist ones? What a wiener. 


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