Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dividing and Conquering Right Wing Media

I'm not really a football fan...

(isn't watching this "sport" a pastime of lumpen-proletariat-ville; you know, like fans of the SuperBowl champion San Francisco 49ers, New York Giants, Chicago Bears, and New England Patriots? Sorry, I'm working through a desnarkification cleanse in advance of tomorrow.)

...but I understand that coaches have to submit their rosters to the league a certain time before the start of each game. Consider this our red state media lineup for game day (which, if you haven't noticed the irony, is May Day).

So here you go. We've both replaced the media we regularly consume with a conservative counterpart. Enjoy!

The Huffington Post:
The New York Times: The Washington Times
Keith Olberman: Bill O'Reilly
NPR: Glen Beck

Think Progress/Talking Points Memo:
Wall Street Journal (I swear, I just read the articles): The Wall Street Journal
Rachel Maddow: Sean Hannity
Democracy Now!: Rush Limbaugh (someone has got to do it...)

We'll make short posts throughout the day, and do a major blood pressure check before bed. As you read, please let us know if we've gone off the reservation for good. I'm sure we'll need a bit of a reality check here and there. My safety word is "Feingold".

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